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The mission of the Rosenberg Integrative Cancer Treatment and Research Institute is to provide a treatment program for advanced stage cancer patients that sustains health, life, good nutrition, energy, human dignity, and the opportunity for individuals to heal completely and lead full, comfortable and enjoyable lives.

Background: Oncologists in the U.S. have made little progress over the past forty years in the treatment of patients with advanced stage cancer. The Rosenberg Integrative Cancer Treatment and Research Institute is dedicated to improving healthcare to those individuals diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Current treatment for advanced cancer consists of palliative chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. The data, using these methods, reveals neither a significant increase in quality of life or lifespan. Unfortunately, standard health insurance does not reimburse for alternative treatments for cancer, even if the standard of care is non-efficacious.

RICTRI has determined through extensive research, that an acutely progressive disease, such as terminal cancer, may be converted to a chronic disease process through the use of multiple modalities and techniques. Cancer is an extremely complex disease which relies on a myriad of pathways to proliferate and mobilize. Using a regimen that consists of many drugs, supplements, and vaccines, RICTRI, has successfully stabilized rapidly progressive cancer.



RICTRI seeks to raise funds in the amount of 1 million USD from those individuals who understand the mission of the organization. The funds raised in the initial phase will serve to facilitate Dr. Rosenberg?s research and clinical trials overseas. Despite the complexities attached to FDA regulations the initial funding will allow Dr. Rosenberg to conduct the first phase of human clinical trials outside of the US. Upon having adequate successful trials abroad RICTRI will seek to establish the clinical trials and support within the US in collaboration with the standard US guidelines.

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